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PM War Stories is a grassroots organizations tying real life examples to the discipline of project management. The idea spawned from conversations with senior PM practitioners who had a real desire to share their successes and lessons learned with their peers.

What we learned, was that senior project managers and PMO leaders wanted to tell their stories and receive insight from their colleagues to help them with their current projects and careers. They needed to move beyond theory and into experienced based learning. What matter to them was how others solved real world challenges. And they wanted to hear it in the voice of the real life practitioner.

Project Management War Stories serves as a platform for this network. By producing a monthly online radio show we capture the voice of the PM community. The show features monthly interviews with the most seasoned and recognized practitioners, thought leaders, project managers, and executives on industry-specific business problems.

If you would like to join our community or share your war stories contact us at: